22 de diciembre de 2013

Advice from a Tree

  • Stand tall and proud
  • Go out on a limb
  • Remember you roots
  • Drink Plenty of water
  • Be content with you natural beauty
  • Enjoy the view

20 de diciembre de 2013


Embrace them!


Success and Standards:

"I don´t think success can be judged by anyone else's standards than your own."

Words of Wisdom: Dalai Lama

Take into account that
great love & great
achievements involve 
great risk.

Entre Pasando el Tiempo e Inventando Excusas

Cuando uno quiere. saca tiempo.
Cuando no, saca excusas.

Sex and the City: Quotes

- Maybe the past is like an anchor, holding us back.
Maybe, you have to let go of who you were...
 to become who you will be.


-Making a big life change is pretty scary.
but, know what's even scarier?

Fábrica de Insomnios

---3:17 am la ciudad fabrica insomnios y yo pienso en ti...

19 de diciembre de 2013

Rihanna: Quotes about love

- At the end of the day, love is fucking complicated.

Are you a Lion or a Little Lamb?

- It is better to live one day as a lion.
Than a thousand days as a lamb.

The Power to Change a Story

- At any given moment you have
the power to say:
This is NOT how the story is going to end.

Attention Men:

- I have no patience for a man that can´t act like a Man.
I already have a pussy, I don´t need another.

Show Me Some Love!

Dr. Seuss words of wisdom!

- Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment 
until it becomes a memory.

One more secret spilled:

- The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on
fighting the old, but on building the new.

Paciencia, mi pequeña saltamontes.

- Paciencia, pequeña saltamontes. 
Las cosas buenas les llegan a aquellos que saben esperar.

La Pereza No es Un Pecado Tan Malo...

Déspues de todo no me deja cometer los otros 6.